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Y2 Architecture has been working with Catholic Education for a number of years on a proposed new school in Maiden Gully. Located in Regional Victoria, Marist College Bendigo will provide a brand new Prep to Year 12 facility in a rapidly growing population. When the school is complete it will house around 1100 students and provide ample community facilities that will enrich both the school and its neighbourhood providing opportunities to foster community identity and encourage growth.

Working closely with the Establishment and Educational committees as well as the growing school body, Y2 Architecture has developed a collaborative Masterplan that will help shape the school’s foundations. This has feed directly into the design process to ensure the site and individual components are embedded within the school ethos and pedagogy.

A Key challenge for the Master Plan design is to create a sense of heritage, culture and community for the new school on a green field site. The college will follow the ideals of St. Marcellin Champagnat who told us that “to educate young people, you must love them, and love them all equally” and incorporates aspects and themes from the Marist foundations at l’hermitage, in France. This will be complemented with a Australian Narrative that flows through the built forms, materials and landscape of the college to create a unique centre of education that fosters traditions and community building.

Marist College builds an intrinsic relationship with water from a system of wetlands and bio filtration that weaves through the site to the treatment of blackwater and storage/use of rainwater that forms part of a holistic system of water management designed to create a resilient community.