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In association with our project partners, Y2 Architecture developed the design of a prototype for a small, relocatable healthcare facility that will promote health and wellbeing to remote and disadvantaged communities, as well as those affected by man made or natural disasters, that can be relocated with relative ease.

Our response to the project brief provides a small sterile operating room for minor surgical procedures, including scrub, clean linen store, as well as segregated male and female recovery areas; clean utility room for the storage of clean supplies and medicinal drugs; a dirty utility room for the cleaning and disposal of waste and soiled supplies; facilities for medical consultation, nursing care, and the provision of information on wellbeing topics; segregated male and female facilities for washing, changing and toileting; a small pantry / kitchen facility; and integrated energy and clean water systems.

Our design is based on a 3.2m x 3.2m module, which forms a “Kit of Part’s of functional zones and areas that can be networked to generate small healthcare facilities or large transportable campuses.

A simple steel portal frame structure, utilising square hollow section steel provides strength and durability, whilst integrated services would run through the hollows of the steel elements.

External cladding would to be sourced locally and fitted by local labour on-site, and internal elements such as ceilings, fittings and fixtures, etc., have been be selected for durability, weight, affordability, and would be fixed to the main super-structure in the factory to assist in minimising damage in transit, as well as to reduce on-site erection and labour costs and time once the modules are delivered.