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The Early Years Centre at the Burke Hall campus of Xavier College is significant in that it enables the College to provide education for students from the age of three through to Year 12 and for the first time provide co-education to Year 4 level.
The building is the outcome of a limited design competition held in 2000 and is located between two heritage listed buildings, the Wren House to the east [part of the College], and Villa Alba to the west.

Severe site constraints included the boundary between Xavier College and Villa Alba, Lebanese cedar trees to the east, the need to maximise playground space to the north, planning limitations to the south and the overall site fall of over four metres from north to south.

The building is single storied and on two major levels. Administration and Pre-Prep [3 and 4 year olds] and to the north on the upper level, and the primary years area on the lower level to the south.

The building is contemporary in nature and reflects the aspirations of the Reggio Emilio learning philosophy. Materials and colours reflect the adjacent heritage buildings [render and muted tones of off white and charcoal], and features such as columns, bay windows and towers are utilised to link the old and the new.

A high “spine” wall runs from north to south, with the curved slope providing direction internally, and a sense of enclosure and link to the campus to the east externally.