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The proposed brief was the result of an established Master plan, in addition to addressing College concerns over student performance and engagement levels within maths and science curriculum. During the course of initial workshops it was recognized that planning and design basis should assist in removing stereotypical ideals of what maths & science represent. By drawing inspiration from contemporary profession such as Game Programmers and Geneticists, the design approach set out to create flexible learning spaces that promoted group learning and thus creative individualised problem solving.

The facility caters for up to 264 students from varying years levels across two floors. Whilst the double storey form alleviates footprint impacts on a dense well established site, it also assists in separating the two delivered curriculums. Science areas located on the ground floor supports external connectivity and ensures services costs are maintained low [i.e. no hydraulic plumbing required to travel to first floor level]. Mathematic learning areas that are significantly less services dependant have been located on the first floor, consequently taking advantage of reduced structural grids to achieve effortless open learning spaces.

To assist in content delivery and student satisfaction the following have been implemented;
-Large expanses of writing surfaces, ideal for impute discussions and creative problem solving
-TV screens for wireless content delivery
-Breakout seating for individual and or group assignments
-Maths/ Science symbology and artefacts displayed to promote awareness and pride